Late Nights - Snoop Dogg

מילים לשיר Late Nights

Late night on the move, what you bitches wanna do?
We can do a hotel or get up in a swimming pool
Set up on the mountaintop, let you get a hella view
Once you get the diznick, you do what I tell it to
Ain't no telling like Jacks on
You can kick it with a he-she or chill out with a felon
I'm a go gorilla not your average bitch nigga
All I want is your money but I just might hit up

Money gone
Got your bitch on my cellphone
Tryna get with a nigga but I'm bout gone
Gone like a motherfucker, really not tripping man
I'm fucking with these hoes and I'm getting all these bitches man, bitches man
With the game of the players and and I'm only
Big fame with the game, man I'm certified
Won't say, Rosé went to her defense
Don't say nothing nigga that's my bitch
Hoes say late night when it fall apart
They say and I took her from you in the dark
Inner freeze and I end up with the car keys
Had to put the bomb weed, as I break a bomb bitch
And they say you roam in the centerfold
But she bomb and she grown and she wanna go
So I put her in the back of a Sprinter Van
Rent A Center... van, yeah I went up in her man

See on the late night tip
I know a lot of y'all even know what it is, but let me talk to the bitches for a minute
Yeah, excuse my French, yeah, real spit
See here's the thing right here baby
Now when you with a mac you gotta get maced
And when you with a pimp you gotta get pimped
But when you with a player you gon get played
So which one is it? Cause it's late night, choose up
Slide up outta them store shoes and slip into these hoe shoes
Yeah, like Pimping Silky say, see about it
Haha yeah, it's late night, it's real late, it's too late to be talking
I mean it's too late for anything but uh... doing what we came here to do, so let's get it

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