Hey Hey Hallelujah - Rachel Platten

מילים לשיר Hey Hey Hallelujah

I'm turning you up, I'm turning you on
Your head's saying danger, danger, but your heart must be drunk
And I know you don't settle and I know you're not weak
But I think you can't help it, help it when it comes to me

I really got a hold on you
You're begging me for more
You never seen nobody do the things I do before singing
Hey hey hallelujah, hey hey hallelujah
Yeah I drive you crazy and your heart's about to break
You're begging me for mercy, don't know how much you can take, singing
Hey hey hallelujah, hey hey hallelujah

Tonight I'm so cold, not calling you back
But tomorrow we'll cuddle, cuddle, my legs in your lap (you know it)
And your friends tried to warn you
She'll tear you apart, she's nothing but trouble, trouble
She's playing you hard

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