Birds - Coldplay

מילים לשיר Birds

Standing in the corner
Studying the lights
Dreaming of escape
Could be up at night

Someone put the fares up
Got me in raise
So guess it's better to stay

Well, come on and say
Well, the food's gonna find us
Just the water and rain
Don't let the fear install
I wanna see you again
I hear you never wanna, sleep all night
Just not falling in love
Stop the ride, come on rage with me

Don't need notes
We'll be birds
To make you look in

Look up this morning
You and me
Get you off your feet

Come on, raise it
Come on raise this noise
One million people, and not one voice
Come on, it's not over
For me, sing loud
Come on, awful love, come away with me
We don't need words

Close your eyes and see
The lumpy boats
Falling free
Fall in love and I missed you

Free as free and free
We'll go through this together
Fly won't you
Won't you take me too?
In this world so cruel
I think you're so cool

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