I Just had sex - Akon

מילים לשיר I Just had sex

Sometimes (ooohhh)

You don't know how to express yourself
(and lonely island)

...and it felt so good!
I just had sex..
..to the not-havin'-sex ways of the past
Have you ever had sex?
It felt so good when i did it with my penis
It literally just happened..
never guess where i just came from-
if I had to describe the feeling
when I had the sex, man my penis felt great!

Guess what I just did!
Saw her boobies and the rest
Nice of any girl ever-

...and it felt so good!
I wanna tell the world!
to be honest I'm surprised she even wanted me to do it
but man, screw it!
she could be my wife-
He best 30 seconds of my life!
'Cuz honestly i'd have sex with a pile of manure
'Cuz she let me wear my chain and my turtle neck sweater
so this one's dedicated to them girls...
If you're near or far, whether short or tall..

(doesn't matter had sex!)
(doesn't matter had sex!)
(doesn't matter had sex!)
(still counts!)
I just had sex
(dreams came true)

(everybody sing!)
(we all had sex!)
(I wanna tell the whole world!)
(never go back!)

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