VAN HELSING - רון סקיי נשר

מילים לשיר VAN HELSING

i'm like a collectable harley
i sip kriss farley
bears by dre. audio....gnarly
sheen charlie i go crazy on the air
i call my dick BOB MARLEY got a rasta pubic hair
lex luger...sweet dreams fready kruger
i got our mom in my bed she a FREADY CUGER
jew unit i rep is-real
she be callin' me launch cause my dick happy meal
mic checka' first verse wrecka'
got a muslim bitch praying to my dick like it's mecca
big mack you a micky d's clown
i'mma scratch your mybach's with your burger king crown
it's my town ...ex IDF soldier
got an m-16 to your BMF shoulder
it's the New World Order.....middle east fool
it's murda.....cause your done ....JA RULE...PUSSY.

and i'm a killer...van helsing
bitches on the taxi
you wanna b-real come and catch me
super modle X-O
before we met LESBO
you wanna get real honey let's go
you wanna be real come an catch me
you wanna be ....real
you wanna be real come and catch me you WANNABE....WANNABE.

skydamac king kong killah
put my pants down big hose NARGILA (hookah(
freaky ronzilla mega fucking monster
big DICK tracy nega fuking GANGSTER
mega webstar mega mothafuckin' mc
go a mega bow tie on my dick cause it's fancy
but nasty ...israel's best
i'll be ICHIBAN real inna di place FUCK di rest
club banger driving hoes crazy
got a "stick shift" in her ass driving miss daisy
WHAT? is-real no FAKE i'm a real jewish superstar fucka....ask DRAKE
i'm an IDF soldier no chance
i'll be killing mc's like jihad on the fence
CHUCK NORRIS ....i'll be fighting terror
and when i'll bust a cap in your dome i'll sign it NEW ERA.

man...i don't give a FUCK about you i'm israeli
i got more jewish props than BAR REFAELI
this is my DILLEMA nelly kelly
thers not enough phones to hold the bitches on my telle
skydamac i'm a king kong killah
i never got shot never been no fucking drug dealla
but RICK ROSS i'mma give you 2 pills
one for staying FAKE....and one IS-REAL
ILLUMINATI mafia the devils godson
how can you be J hova? i'm the jewish GOD....son!...fuck that
i...went 2 far
"i don't have money ....i don't have a nice CAR
all i do is rap & about real things
fuck that i'm realer than most
i have no cheese but i'm realer than TOAST
i had a a fucking GUN
i did fucking use it
but when that shit pops's sounds better than your music
i'm leaving red stains on your shirt .....bloods bandana.
SANTANA pass the fucking GUITAR
i wanna smack that PUSSY in his head like a ritarde
or a FUCKING seetar
cause his fucking morrocan
i'll go DWAYNE JOHNSON on his ass....ROCKIN'
now let me ask you somthing real quick the fuck can you rap while you puff daddy's dick.....
nah.....let me ask you somthing real quick the fuck can you rap while you PUFF DADDY'S dick PUSSY.

"now that's a" BAD BOY

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