shut it down - סאבלימינל

מילים לשיר shut it down

מילים: קובי שמעוני

לחן: קובי שמעוני's the Crooked Letter "S" to the "B" kid
T.A connection, Subliminal phenomenal, oh yeh
We shut it down
Killer network killer style link to every city's isle
Download memories to a file
This whole world is virtual
No 'USB,' U just B it
Open your eyes then you'll see it
Feel what G-D gave you so vivid,
-Believe it, don't Ctrl Alt Delete it!

Dance hombre let yourself go. Just rock on to the tempo
Connect the Dots and you'll find out that digital control the mental
I got u from the get go, man u know what I mean
This is real life not a sample
-Time to shut down the machine.
We shut it down...
Party people - get up!

Shut it down cause we don buy it
Humanoids, let's start a riot
The world is burning don't be quite- We shut it down!
Yo, pull the plug & disconnect, highlight all and Alt Select
Don't hit undo and Redirect cause
We shut it down!
The invasion's on your desktop
It creeping around your head stop
And re-awake in a land where you're alive
No motherboard controls this, we split this shit like Moses,
No time to smell roses yo... We shut it down!
We shut it down!
Party people - get up!

Crash system overload
Everybody's going overboard
Close your windows, lock your doors is this what you asking for?
Get up and do something...
We shut it down!
We shut it down!

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