I Know - מארינה מקסימיליאן

מילים לשיר I Know

מילים: מארינה מקסימיליאן

לחן: מארינה מקסימיליאן

Start wearing the boots i bought you
Start wearing these pants
Start wearing the ring i'd get you
If we only had the chance

Start wearing my arms around you
Start caring my love
I am the one made a saint out of you
This insanity now stopped

I know
I know
I had to go
I know

Start listening to what i tell you
Try taking my tips
Just celebrate your body your way
Go on! Eat all the chocolate chips!

Stop wearing these funny outfits
Go back to the yellow dress
Undress this persona for public
Please, let me look at you at last.

I know
I know
You had to go
I know

Your mother won't answer my calls
She hates to hear my voice
But i tell you
Ho, beloved mother,
Trust us, we had no better choice

Though it seems that i go on with my life
You go on everywhere with me
At first i thought i should replace your spot
Now i found out how present is the history.

"i know...
I believe it so..." she tells me.
No ,you don't know.
I love him so.
I had to go.
It's no one's fault
No one's.

No where to run to,
No where to escape what I'm feeling
No where to run to.

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