Coming Home to you - גלעד שגב

מילים לשיר Coming Home to you

When I see your face,
See your face And you are calling me,
Than you come back to me, Come back to me
And make me want to dream again.
When I lose again,
When I lose again and you're away from me,
Than breath again, Breath again,
And you are there.

So I'm coming home to you
Coming home to you
And than you know it, Coming home..

When I lose a friend, Lose a friend,
and you are coming back to me,
Cause you know me,
You know me from the past cause you were there.
When I'm free again,
I know that I am traveling on your light,
Know that you arrived,
And than I'm free again.

coming home to you,
I hope you'll be there, Coming home to you,
Be mine, so I'm Coming home to you,

And you know that,
Forever in my place,
Forever in your place.

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