Hawk And Sparrow - אחינועם ניני
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מילים לשיר Hawk And Sparrow

hawk and sparrow
hope and fear
rainbow and arrow
laughter and tear

i should run for my life,
but i stay still
i should scream till i’m sore,
but i don’t
i should lay down my life,
and i will
but for this,
for this i won’t.

i feel sorry for those who’ve lost their compassion
i feel sorry for those who still can, but don’t
i would lay down my life for my child
but for them,
for them i won’t.

hawk and sparrow...

motema eleli pinzoli ya maura
bokabuani ya molino ekobebisa mokili
soki po na koboma bato naboyi
ngai na kokoka te, oh….

my heart is crying, tears of sorrow
when the soul is divided, all our worlds are broken
but if it comes to taking human life, i refuse..
not me….not ever…)

hawk and sparrow...

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