genes and jeans - אחינועם ניני
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מילים לשיר genes and jeans

Can I wear your jeans?
will they ever fit?
guess I’ll just inhale and make the best of it

Sometimes they’re too loose
sometimes they’re too tight
will I tie the noose upon my appetite?

Hungry, hungry
to belong, to belong...

Can I wear your genes?
guess that’s not my choice
I’m walking down the street and singing
in my mother’s voice

When you reach this world
wet and cold and scared
little do you know
what you’ll be forced to wear

When you grow and change
eyes are open wide
you can try in vain to “metamorphasize”

Hungry, hungry
to belong, to belong...

סעי יונה ושימעני
בכינור נגני
ופסחי, זמרי, רני
בשיר התבונני

Can I wear your genes?...

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